Why I’m Running for State Treasurer

I am running for State Treasurer because taxpayers deserve someone they can trust who will uphold the office with honesty and integrity.

As a fiscal conservative with 22 years experience analyzing public budgets and a PROVEN record of cutting wasteful government spending, I will be the taxpayers' watchdog to ensure transparency and accountability.

As Treasurer, I would work to bring continued prosperity to our state economy by growing the investments of the office to provide better education to state and local taxpayers. I would continue my longstanding advocacy for financial literacy so that our students will graduate with a basic understanding of personal financial management.

I have the unique experience and understanding of the operations of the Treasurer’s office to grow Arizona’s investments, having previously served on the executive team during Treasurer Dean Martin's administration.

Born and raised in Arizona, I am a wife, mother, and a small business owner. I'm the daughter of a retired public-school teacher and U.S. Army veteran business owner. I have been endorsed by two former Arizona Governors and five former State Treasurers because they trust that with my experience. I will always put the taxpayers first.