Arizona Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Yee Announces Campaign for State Treasurer, Supported by Five Arizona State Treasurers

(Phoenix) – Arizona Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Yee released the following statement regarding the announcement of her campaign for Arizona State Treasurer.

"I am excited to announce my candidacy for Arizona State Treasurer. I strongly believe Arizona taxpayers need honesty, integrity and transparency in their government. Our money matters. And it is important that the person watching over our money is a State Treasurer who can be trusted. I have been blessed to serve in the Arizona Legislature and in my current leadership role as the Senate Majority Leader. I am proud of my record of accomplishments that has always put the needs of Arizonans first.

Arizona’s taxpayers have been very well represented with remarkable State Treasurers and I am humbled and proud to have the endorsement and support of current State Treasurer Jeff DeWit and former State Treasurers Hon. Dean Martin, Hon. Carol Springer, Hon. Bart Fleming, and Hon. Ernest Garfield. Arizona has a strong history of treasurers who have exemplified outstanding leadership and an important understanding of how to successfully manage and invest our state's tax dollars.

I have a record of standing up for Arizona taxpayers and making sure we are fiscally prudent with our hard-earned taxpayer's dollars. I have initiated financial and performance audits of state agencies, weeded out waste and fraud in the hidden corners of government bureaucracies and sponsored bills to increase financial transparency so taxpayers know exactly where their money is being spent.

I will work to promote fiscally conservative principles and protect hard-working Arizona citizens. The investments made under my watch will be safe and fiscally sound. I will continue to stand up for Arizona businesses and families, and always put the taxpayer first."

"At the Capitol it is rare to find someone with honesty, integrity, intelligence and a strong work ethic. Kimberly Yee is that exceptional person who exemplifies these qualities.  That's why she served as an integral part of my leadership team at the State Treasurer's Office where we maximized investments for Arizona citizens, including hundreds of millions in endowment dollars for education. We need people like Kimberly Yee to help lead Arizona. Kimberly can be counted on to protect the taxpayer's hard-earned dollars," said Dean Martin, who previously served as Arizona State Treasurer until 2011.